What Exactly is Gamefi Or Gamefication?

What is Gamefi?

What is gamification? It’s the process of leveraging what makes games fun and exciting in order to shape behaviors with milestones. Gamification is the art of shaping behavior through certain goals, so that you can drive engagement in an otherwise boring experience.

Gamefi is a new video game marketplace that combines the power of blockchain technology with digital games to create a fair and transparent ecosystem for game developers and gamers alike.

This article will provide you with a general understanding of what Gamefi is, how it works, and the types of games that it supports.

Gamefi is a decentralized platform for the sale and distribution of digital games, powered by blockchain technology. It is a one-stop platform for gamers to buy and download games, while giving game developers a new way to earn money and increase their user base through an in-game cryptocurrency called FIMP.

How Gamefi Works

You can search for games on the platform and then browse through the listings. You can also browse through the games that other users have added to their profiles. After finding a game that you like, you can then contact the developer to buy it from them directly.

Once the transaction is complete, both the buyer and the seller will receive a unique transaction code that they can use in the future to track the transaction and any subsequent refunds.

Gamefi also provides a “reward system” for users that helps to incentivize the growth of the platform and encourage the adoption of the FIMP cryptocurrency. The reward system works as follows:

■ An “activity rank” – This is the primary rank that users will earn by using the platform. The higher the activity rank, the more FIMP they will be able to earn and spend.

■ A “reward rate” – This is the percentage of your activity rank that you are allowed to earn each day. You can earn more or less depending on your activity rank and the other users on the platform.

■ A “reward level” – The rewards for each level will be based on your personal preferences and will be publicly available for other users to see and approve.

How Gamefi Uses Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a trust-based system that records every transaction on a public ledger. This public ledger doesn’t have any centralized control, so it’s extremely difficult to tamper with.

Gamefi’s blockchain technology is powered by the Ethereum network and has been designed to support thousands of transactions per second. As a result, it is one of the most reliable and secure technologies out there, making it the best choice for a platform like Gamefi that relies on digital game trading.

Gamefi Games Supported

Gamefi supports the following types of games:

– Strategy/Tactics: This includes card, board, and digital board games.

– Role Playing/RPG: This includes fantasy, sci-fi, and medieval role playing games.

– Sports: This includes both F1 and FIFA games.

– Mobile: This includes both free-to-play and paid-for games.

– PC Games: This includes both free-to-play and paid-for games.

– Virtual Reality: This includes both free-to-play and paid-for games.

Pros of Using Gamefi

– High Adoption – With the immense growth of the game industry, there has been a significant increase in the demand for digital games.

– Cheap Payments – When buying digital games on Gamefi, users will only have to pay $0.01 as the transaction fee.

– Ease of Use – The platform has dedicated pages for each type of game, including sports games and VR games.

– Easy Refunds – As the blockchain technology powering the platform has a public ledger, you can easily receive a refund if you’re satisfied with the game that you bought.

– Wide Selection – There are tons of games available on the platform, including new games and old games that have been discontinued by their developers.

– Great Community – Gamefi’s developers have done a great job of creating a community for the platform that encourages users to interact and share ideas about new games and games to be added to the platform.


Cons of Using Gamefi

– In-Game Currency Restrictions – The in-game currency used on the Gamefi platform is known as FIMP.

While it is possible for users to buy and sell games in other digital currencies (such as USD, EUR, GBP, or BTC), there are restrictions on the types of games that they can buy/sell.

For example, only fantasy sports games are allowed to use fantasy sports data as the source for FIMP. As a result, this restricts the types of games that are available to users.

– No Mobile Games – Gamefi’s website is very focused on the PC and console games, but it is missing any information on the mobile front.

There are a few mobile games on the platform, but it would have been nice to have a dedicated page for mobile games as well.

– No Referral Program – When you sign up for the platform, you are given $100 worth of free FIMP as a welcome gift.

Unfortunately, you are not able to refer new users or get more free FIMP as a reward for referring new users.

Final Words: Should You Use Gamefi?

If you are looking for an easy way to buy digital games that are available on multiple platforms and devices, then Gamefi is the platform for you.

The platform has an easy-to-use interface and a wide variety of games, including the most popular games from around the world.

The only downside to the platform is that it is extremely focused on PC and console games, and doesn’t have any information on mobile games. Compared to other platforms, this is a big downfall.

That being said, Gamefi is a great platform that is worth using, especially if you are looking for an easy way to buy digital games.