Online Multiplayer Game Giant FACEIT, Lets Esports Players Win Crypto Thanks To Cake DeFi

Are Defi Platforms targeting millennials? No, just gaming millennials and with good reason. FACEIT, the world’s leading platform for competitive online gaming, made a move today that highlights that trend and reason. FACEIT has today announced a multi-million dollar partnership with Cake DeFi, one of the world’s fastest growing crypto fintech platforms, which allows users […]

NFT’s And Play-To-Earn Makes Racing Games Profitable In The Metavese in 2022

Racing has always been a fan favorite because it scratches a players “need for speed” itch. Now it also scratches a player’s “Play-To-Earn” itch as it combines NFT’s with its entry into the metaverse. NFTs have had a significant impact on gaming, with Call of Duty, one of the biggest names in the industry, recently […]

What Exactly is Gamefi Or Gamefication?

What is Gamefi? What is gamification? It’s the process of leveraging what makes games fun and exciting in order to shape behaviors with milestones. Gamification is the art of shaping behavior through certain goals, so that you can drive engagement in an otherwise boring experience. Gamefi is a new video game marketplace that combines the […]

How New Cryptocurrency Investors Can Identify and Prevent Pump and Dump Scams In 2022

Pump and dump schemes are crypto scams that target new or inexperienced traders looking to make a quick buck. These scams involve fake online trading platforms that either have limited access or are difficult to access through legitimate channels. Once a new trader accesses the platform, they are asked to deposit a certain amount of […]

Online Gamers Enjoy Money Making Perks Thanks To Today’s Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is always working in the background and is not visible to most online gamers who are benefiting from it.  Most new gamers just want to play and don’t really care on how it works.  Your seasoned gamers certainly are not blind to the improvements which range from better security to money making opportunities. […]

Beginners Guide To Investing in GameFi and Metaverse Tokens In 2022 Using Leading Platform

Professional and serious gamers have lately been taken to opportunities that allow them to monetize on their passion as never before. The Phemex platform has taken notice. A growing number of game developers and creators have shifted towards token offerings as an avenue to retain independence and control over their products. In recent months, there […]

Gamerse Social Wallet’s Share-to-Earn model Plays Nice With NFT’s, Streaming, And Cryptocurrency

Think about this: what’s the point of a social media app without a cell phone? Sure, you can still hop on your computer to chat with your friends. But one of the main driving forces behind the explosion of social media is the use of smartphones. The access is immediate, and it goes where you […]

Metblaze Platform To Expand Earning Opportunities With Play To Earn Gaming As They Gamefi Their Metaverse

The rising trend of Gamefi in the Defi are a dream come true for those players who are looking for new and improved ways to make money while doing what they love, gaming. The use case of blockchain has gone beyond just being the backbone of cryptocurrencies. The technology is disrupting many industries, such as […]